Bluebird Farm Flower and Greens Shares

Treat yourself or a loved one to a generous weekly bouquet of flowers all season long. Flower share members will receive the best of what is in season from the 150 unique varieties of flowers growing in our ½ acre field. In the spring, you will enjoy rare spring beauties grown under cover, like ranunculus, anemones, Icelandic poppies and tulips and in the summer and fall dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, snap dragons, marigolds, mums, lisianthus and so much more.

Evergreen Flowershare: With this option you will be able to get flowers every week that we have them, all season long.

  • You will be guaranteed flowers for 20 weeks March, April and July-Sept, but if we have them other weeks, we will give them to you! This will allow us to give you tulips, ranunculus, poppies, and the anemones in the spring, heirloom chrysanthemums in November and everything in-between!
  • We will spread out your costs and our income with a year-round monthly fee of $38 and at the end of the year we will have a “true-up” that lets you know your credit or what is owed for the following year.
  • We will allow you to put your share on hold up to 2 times during the season to accommodate people’s travel plans.
  • You will get a gorgeous everlasting wreath ($65 value) at the end of the season to hold you over to the following spring.
  • Because the share is everlasting you will keep your spot and not have to worry about signing up the following year. (But you can cancel anytime if it is not working out.)
  • This option is sure to sell out quick!   
  • $47/month  (approximately $23/week)

Summer/Fall Flower Share: 12 weeks July-Sept $216 You will get the best of the main flower growing season, with all the summer stunners like dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, lisianthus and dozens more. ($22/week)

Sunflower Share: 12 weeks July-Sept $144 Get a fresh bunch of stunning sunnies every week for 12 weeks. ($13/week)

Evergreen Greens: We will give you 2 bags of greens a week when we have them June-Nov and sometimes more, farmer’s choice of whatever is looking best in our fields. You can expect lettuce, salad mix, arugula, spinach, baby kale, super greens mix etc. (If you buy a Collaborative Veggie share, the greens share will automatically pause during that time because they will already be in your box). $28/month ($10/week for the weeks we have them)

Sign up to get a weekly installment of these delicious super foods. Your options are sunflower shoot, pea shoot, radish, broccoli or crunch mix (a mix of the first 3). We will contact you to find out which ones your want for your standing weekly order.

Collaborative CSA: This season will be partnering with these amazing farms: First Rain Farm, Feeding Crane Farm, and Starbright Acres Farm to bring you a bountiful weekly box of organic, fresh and seasonal veggies and berries for 21 weeks from June-Oct! (40+ varieties) Bluebird farm will be providing greens, herbs and cucumbers for the boxes! Pickup in Nevada City or Grass Valley. SIGN UP HERE

I apologize, if you want to buy more than one thing, it makes you fill out the form twice. Feel free to email your me malaika AT and I can add to your order so you don’t have to do it again!

Email me if you would like a gift certificate to send to someone.