Spring update

Good Morning

While we appreciate the water, this doosy of a spring it is definitely setting back our planting schedule. Also contributing to that is that we have voles and birds decimating everything we try to plant in our propagation hoop house. We are still trying to figure out how to keep them out!

On the up side, we have beautiful microgreens coming to fruition every 10 days, we have gorgeous spring flowers that we are delivering weekly and we have spinach, arugula and mustards in our hoop house that are going out to our greens share. All these things are lovely and we are grateful.

We are also planning ahead for a few weddings and floral events this season and have several educational field trips on the farm lined up in collaboration with Woolman; mostly schools from the Bay Area.

Check out our new microgreens and wedding flower webpages and keep an eye out for our dahlia tuber sale coming soon!

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