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Spring update

Good Morning

While we appreciate the water, this doosy of a spring it is definitely setting back our planting schedule. Also contributing to that is that we have voles and birds decimating everything we try to plant in our propagation hoop house. We are still trying to figure out how to keep them out!

On the up side, we have beautiful microgreens coming to fruition every 10 days, we have gorgeous spring flowers that we are delivering weekly and we have spinach, arugula and mustards in our hoop house that are going out to our greens share. All these things are lovely and we are grateful.

We are also planning ahead for a few weddings and floral events this season and have several educational field trips on the farm lined up in collaboration with Woolman; mostly schools from the Bay Area.

Check out our new microgreens and wedding flower webpages and keep an eye out for our dahlia tuber sale coming soon!

Tulip Acupuncture

This is a cool trick I just learned that I thought other tulip lovers out there might appreciate. If you have tulips that are starting to droop in their vases. Stick a pin through the top of the stem at the base of the flower, leave it for a minute and then take it out. Within a couple hours, the tulip will be upright again!

Super Duper greens

What happens if you take a super food and super charge it? My friends Ocean and John Robbins at the Food Revolution made a list of the top superfoods and leafy greens were number one. What I have been learning is that MICRO leafy greens take all that nutrition that would go into to the whole, say, broccoli plant and pack it into one tiny little package. Microgreens can have up to 40x more nutrients than their full grown counterparts. AND, drumroll please, we are now offering microgreen shares!

Here’s what Ocean says about leafy greens:

“Low in calories and rich in fiber, leafy greens are packed with carotenoids and antioxidants and full of vitamins such as vitamins A, E, and K1, as well as B vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. They [are also]… good for your arteries and protect your heart.

In addition to promoting cardiovascular health, leafy greens also fight cancer, protect your brain from dementia, and combat type 2 diabetes.”

Now imagine getting all those benefits multiplied exponentially by eating them at their most highly nutritious moment! I am grateful to be able to offer these super-duper foods to our community! You can now sign up for a weekly dose of these goodies. Or if you want to just stick to the leafy greens, our greens share has you covered.

Those of you who know me well, know that I have spent a career leading non-profit organizations dedicated to access to healthy affordable food for all and what I have been learning about microgreens is getting me very excited because these greens can be grown anywhere, anytime of year, are ready in 10 days and can be grown at home. Since my boys and I have started growing, them my family has been eating A LOT of microgreens and are loving them on tacos, in salads, in smoothies, on sandwiches and more. They are super versatile and delicious. Sign up here.

Wedding Flowers

Last season after dipping my toes into the world of floral design, I was hooked. I have always been an artistic person and I love the ephemeral nature of floral artistry. This season we are teaming up with two super skilled and incredibly creative floral designers Molly Nakahara and Meredith Johnson to offer wedding flowers to our community. Together they bring 25 years of floral design prowess to the table. Learn more about these ladies on our new webpage and please spread the word to anyone you know who needs event flowers. They can tell us about their event here and we will get back to them promptly!

Valentines is in the air, get your flower share

This is a perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one to a flower share and receive a bountiful fresh, local bouquet every week that we have them on the farm! Our first tulips are just pushing out flowers so in a few short weeks our flower share members will be the lucky recipients of these beauties. We still have 8 shares left that include spring flowers! We also have plenty of space in our summer flower, sunflower and greens shares!

Collaborative CSA Veggie Box

This season will be partnering with these amazing farms: First Rain Farm, Feeding Crane Farm, and Starbright Acres Farmto bring you a bountiful weekly box of organic, fresh and seasonal produce! Bluebird farm will be providing greens, herbs and cucumbers for the boxes!  

 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) 
*Support the farm by pre-purchasing 21 weeks of produce from June-Oct
*Receive your fresh, weekly produce box directly from the farm (Grass Valley and Nevada City pickup options)
*Boxes include 40+ varieties of veggies and berries over the season
*Receive a weekly newsletter letting you know what’s coming in your next box, along with seasonal recipes.


Bluebird Farm is partnering with First Rain Farm and Chapman Family

Bluebird Farm is part of a multi-farm collaborative CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) featuring three local farms in Nevada City:

  • First Rain Farm
  • Chapman Family Farm
  • Bluebird Farm

When you purchase a share in our community supported agriculture program (CSA) you are supporting your farmers by providing up front capital for the start of the season. As your farmers, we then provide you with a seasonally-changing box of the freshest produce each week.

Sign Up at First Rain Farm

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