bluebird farm in fall


I am inspired by the beauty and abundance of nature. I have always wanted to make the world a better place, and for me that has always come back to food and farming. We all participate in the food economy, and the way we farm and what we chose to eat has a huge impact on our health, the health of our community, our environment and our climate. After running non-profits that aim to increase access to and education about good food, I went back to farming because I love being outside, in the elements, accomplishing tasks by working hard as a team, and learning every day. I eat a lot of salad and love to grow the most delicious, nutritious greens around. I have been growing food since I can remember, but about 10 years ago, my veggie garden started to get taken over by flowers. I couldn’t resist all the incredible shapes, colors and textures nature provides. It is a dream to have now ½ acre palate of 150+ varieties of flowers and 1 ½ acre plot of greens to play in. I am passionate about rich soil that is teaming with life and I love to watch weed free rows of plants pop up in their various shades of green. We have a talented, hardworking crew of folks growing for you. All that good energy and love transfers from the healthy soil, to our hands to your kitchen table.


2022 Farm Team: Mei Martinez, Dylan Drummond, Malaika Bishop, Jackie Johnson and Jake Drummond


Malaika Bishop has been working to create sustainable and just food systems for over 20 years and co-directed Sierra Harvest from 2013-2021. She now works part-time as their stewardship associate while running Bluebird Farm and maintaining a large home garden and orchard with her 2 boys and husband. Malaika began her career by training young change-makers from around the world, and later co-founded People’s Grocery, a food justice non-profit in Oakland. When she moved back to Nevada County she worked on several farms, managed a school farm, and served on the board of BriarPatch Co-op.  Malaika is a recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service, and she was chosen by Utne Reader, San Francisco Magazine, and Organic Style Magazine as a young visionary and environmental leader.


Bluebird Farm is located in Nevada City California.

WOOLMAN: The veggies are grown at Woolman at Sierra Friends Center where we have just restored and expanded the farm site after the Jones Fire. My family has a long history with this land, beginning with my grandparents helping to found the John Woolman School in the 60’s. We are happy to be able to contribute to food justice education with the groups of youth who come to Woolman programs, and to grow food and flowers for Woolman guests.

JACOBSON DUDE RANCH: Dale and Diane Jacobson who run Jacobson Chiropractic have been long community contributors and generously have opened their land to many farmers over the years. I have known the Jacobson’s since their daughter Claire and my brother Narayan began school in the same Waldorf class over 30 years ago. Leo Chapman and Tim Van Wagner farmed there when they ran Living Lands Agrarian Network and I volunteered there. Our farm name, Bluebird Farm is bringing back the name they originally had for this farm. We are excited to be growing our flowers on a 1/2 acre of land up Cement Hill Rd here. We farm next to Heather of the Acorn Herb School.

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